Derbyverse tries to capture the culture and community around the modern incarnation of roller derby, as shown through stories told by the men, women, and children involved. It’s not about the sport as much as it’s about the people. I try to show the diversity of the community by including members of all types – from famous veteran skaters to rookie juniors, from big leagues to small towns. Since the community is more than just the skaters, I also include interviews with officials, fans, and volunteers.

Derbyverse is solely a production of Exploding Corpse Productions, which is my video production company. As I travel the world, I try to interview as many interesting “derbyists” as possible. If you like the program, or have a suggestion, I’d love to hear about it. You can email me at todd@toddbradley.com, or leave a note on the Derbyverse Facebook page: http://Facebook.com/Derbyverse

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Todd Bradley

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