Frankie Facebreaker


Derbyverse Episode 1.5, with Frankie Facebreaker

On October 12, 2011, I interviewed Frankie Facebreaker of Emerald City. At the time, she was assistant manager at Voodoo Donut Tres, in Eugene, Oregon. I loved being able to interview her at Voodoo Doughnut because my favorite roller derby documentary was “Brutal Beauty” and one of my favorite scenes was where Rose City coach Rob Lobster explains the basics of roller derby using donuts in the kitchen of one of the Portland Voodoo Doughnut locations. Plus, Frankie Facebreaker and her manager sent me home with a complimentary box of doughnuts, plus stickers galore. In this interview, she says one of the best lines to sum up the effect roller derby has on many skaters: “Derby becomes more than a hobby, more than like a sport, it becomes your life.”

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