MRDA All Star Showcase: White vs. Black


MRDA All Star Showcase: White vs. Black
August 4, 2013 – RollerCon
Las Vegas, Nevada

On the last day of RollerCon 2013, some of the best players from the Men’s Roller Derby Association met for a full length bout. It was well-attended, and the crowd seemed to really enjoy the action. Here’s my perspective of the event from the floor near turn 1.

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Some background on this video:

Though this is my third year filming women’s roller derby, this was the very first time I filmed men’s derby at this level. Normally, I have a couple different styles for shooting roller derby – either filming with the intent to make a 3 or 4 minute “highlights reel” of just the best action, big hits, etc., or filming the entire bout broadcast style as if you were watching it on DNN. I started this project as the first, but midway through the second jam, something struck me: ALL these jams have big dynamic action. So I changed gears and decided to shoot every jam. But I left out the stuff in-between jams, so it’s just one jam after another. It seems simple and obvious now, but I’ve never done a roller derby video this way.

So what you see here is a full capture of the bout, with my best attempts to work the projected scoreboard into some of the shots. I didn’t even realize until I got home from RollerCon that there were no announcers for this bout, and there’s something I really like about the rawness of the resulting video. You can hear the crowd, the players shouting instructions to each other, and the sounds of the action. To me, this “feels” more like it really did spectating this bout at RollerCon. That includes the audible gasps of pain from the player who broke his leg during the first half; it’s a bit gruesome, but it’s real.

I’m glad I can bring you this bout in real High Definition, which is a rare treat. So hit the HD button and go full screen. Thanks for watching.

Special thanks to the organizers and volunteers of RollerCon, and to the Men’s Roller Derby Association and its members who competed in this bout.

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