Queerleaders 2013


The Vagine Regime’s exclusive cheer squad, the Queerleaders, were bigger and better at RollerCon 2013 than ever before. We had a very full agenda on Saturday, August 3, 2013. The day started with cheer training and practice by the pool at the Riviera. Then Zelda Zonk passed out the vagina costumes and other fun stuff. The Queerleaders chanted all the way to the convention center, and then cheered for both the Orange and Grey challenge and the day’s main event – Vagine Regime’s Team Vagine against their perennial foes the Caulk Suckers.

I was at these events with my camera to shoot “b-roll” that might be used in the upcoming Vagine Regime documentary feature film. My assignment in this hectic day of shooting was to get as much footage of the Queerleaders as possible. Maybe a few seconds of what you see here will end up in the final film, maybe not. Either way, it’s a good record of what fun the Queerleaders had at RollerCon 2013.

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— Todd “Todgina” Bradley, Honorary Queerleader

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