The GAY Team


“In 2008 an elite recreational softball team was ousted from the league for penalties they didn’t commit. These women promptly escaped from the Justin Bieber lookalike contest to the roller derby underground. Today, still hit on by bro types who don’t get it, they survive as soldiers of queer liberation. If you have a problem – if no one else can help – and if you can find them – maybe you can hire: The GAY-Team.”

Starring The Vagine Regime
Produced and Edited by Todd Bradley
Filmed by Aaron “AJ” Johnson at RollerCon 2011
Voice-over written by Injure Rogers and narrated by Latenight Lyle

With additional material by Francesca Jago, Todd Bradley, and the DER-Biebians
Special thanks to Rivas, Hill, and Chad Bro

For more information on the Vagine Regime, visit

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