Vagine Regime Orange vs Gray – RollerCon 2015


Gay Friday continues with the Vagine Regime Orange vs Gray challenge. It’s a half-length game (just one period of play, instead of two), and serves as a nice palate cleanser between Chippendales vs. Magic Mike XXL and the main event. In this game, both teams are made of members of the Vagine Regime. I have no idea how they choose teams, but it’s always a good match.

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  1. Hammer Abby says:

    Hi Todd, thanks for the video of the game! It was a blast to play in. FYI, this particular challenge’s roster is based on a nomination system. People can nominate themselves or a fellow skater to be on it, and have to provide reasons why they think they’re an Exemplary Queer and decent skater. Then I think it’s a matter of first come, first serve. Keeps the roster relatively open and changeable from year to year and allows a somewhat wider range of folks the chance to play!

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